Monday, September 27, 2004

Selling your creativity

Well Bloggers, this is the first try at setting up a communication blog that we can all take part in.

If it pertains to professional photography, it is welcomed here.

Questions, bring 'em on...

Problems, we'll try out best to find a solution........even if it is only tears of sympathy.

News and things you want to share.

Bruce Roberts, M.Photog


Which leads me to the saddest communication that I can deliver.

Daddy Don Blair, long time friend and fellow photographer, passed away on Sunday Sept. 26, 2004
PPA has put out an internet statement which led to here.

Don could see inside a person. Judy and I will miss him, is truly and understatement. I figure Don taught me more about the technique of photography that anyone else on the planet. His humor, and twinkle will truly be missed by us as well as the thousands of other "brothers" he found around the world.

I trust the good Lord opened wide the barn doors of heaven, and Don said, "Man, you gotta feather that light". "It is way too bright that way".

Anyway, I hope there are a few photographers, Michigan, or otherwise that help keep this Blog going....we will see what happens.
Welcome aboard,